In our day job, we build technology programs for security, risk management, compliance, finance, and audit teams at over 7,000 companies and governments in 140+ countries

As a result, we come across some great stories... and we really wanted to share them with the GRC Community. GRC software provider ACL (our employer) was kind enough to support us in building a media platform to do exactly that. We call it "Office Hours", and we use it to share interesting experiences in GRC. 

New episodes via YouTube and Podcast every Tuesday morning, North America Pacific Time.


Recent Episodes

The (Beer Enthusiastic) Co-Hosts

Sometimes Kevin gets confused about the team that owns baseball. His Blue Jays' menial two world championships are a general embarrassment compared to the twenty seven world championships owned by Dan's New York Yankees and the greatest pro sports franchise on earth... but they are both damn passionate about better GRC.

Dan Zitting

Chief Product Officer at ACL and 15 years spent in technology and security risk advisory services, Dan truly believes GRC professionals are going to change the way successful businesses operate over the coming decade.

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Kevin Legere

Director of Product Design at ACL and long time consultant and advisor on GRC issues to Fortune-class companies (particularly focused on the power of big data), Kevin is a SUPER ninja in solving real GRC challenges.